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#SWARNA PRASHAN (AYURVEDIC IMMUNIZATION) To say the least it can be no more than irony that many of the new found researches have such a short shelf life that before they could be wholeheartedly adopted, they have to be shunned for find of certain side effects on life & environment. The greater irony is that the age old practices which still hold sway and have not been found to have any #side effects since thousands of years are discarded by these modern day intellectuals without even an iota of evidence against these practices. The major argument for this apathy is that there is no evidence of its efficacy. Friends the biggest myth for our old traditions is that they had no scientific basis. However this is totally farce. All our old traditions had a very strong research basis, the need is only to re-search these basis. This in true sense will be the actual research. Today I’m going to discuss one such old tradition with you that is SWARN PRASHAN sanskaar (#AYURVEDIC-CHILD-IMMUNIZATION). Many-many years ago in 7th & 8th century our #Rishis understood the need of #immunization. At that time they did’t think of burdening our bodies with cultured organisms. Rather they developed techniques which enhanced our built in immunities. They set certain life time guidelines for these benefits and they were named #sanskaars. SWARN PRASHAN is one such sanskaar, which was mentioned to be started in infancy. This was strictly directed towards enhancing natural immunity and for development of healthy body and mind with smoothly functioning systems of the body. These days even in advertisements fun is being made of these old traditions, but slowly & steadily these traditions which have held their ground despite all the apathy and harshness are regaining their lost pride. Yes, gold can be harmful to body as has been trolled by western intellectuals, but only when it has not been properly processed, for that matter the medicine made by snake venom can also be as much dangerous if not more. But then we are thankful to our westernized counter parts for having developed certain body functioning monitoring techniques in pathology which can keep a tap on our systems. In SWARN PRASHAN sanskaar, a precise quantity of swarn bhasam is amalgamated in various kinds of medicated ghrit (which act not only as carriers of swarn but they have their own role on enhancing various bodily functions). This compound can be administered to children from infancy till adolescence. BENEFITS Improves intellect. Improves #metabolism & #digestion. Improves immunity & physical strength. Improves #fertility. Improves quality & span of life. LET US ALL JOIN HANDS IN NURTURING A HEALTHY GEN NEXT DEVOID OF CHEMICALS & STILL BE NATURALLY HEALTHY WITH STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM. REGISTER FOR NEXT COURSE OF SWARN PRASHAN BY VISITING OUR WEBSITE: ‘www.DivineAyurAcu.Com’
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