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Today we are going to start with a series of updates on FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions) about Acupuncture. Whereby we will try to dispel the doubts of patients about acupuncture. FAQ’s On ACUPUNCTURE Part 1 Q. 1. What is the Origin & Meaning of ACUPUNCTURE? A. The word ACUPUNCTURE is combination of two Latin words: Acus meaning needle & Puncture meaning penetration. As far as it’s origin is concerned, though there is elaborate explanation of similar science in AYURVEDA by the name MARMA CHIKITSA, but definitely ACUPUNCTURE has been vastly developed, propagated & researched thoroughly by Chinese. Q 2.. Is there any similarity in AYURVEDA & ACUPUNCTURE? A. There is lot of similarity in basic principles of AYURVEDA (INDIAN SYSTEM OF MEDICINE) & ACUPUNCTURE (which is one part of TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE). Both have their roots in five element theory. Both dwell on correction of opposite physical properties like hot-cold, dryness-moisture etc. Both are highly dependent on basic life force which is named as OJA in AYURVEDA & QI in TCM. Both the sciences have similar diagnostic methods where lot of stress is given to pulse diagnosis. Pulse diagnosis is another area where Chinese have worked & documented the concepts very elaborately.
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