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SOME FACTS ABOUT ACUPUNCTURE Acupuncture seeks to enhance body’s natural healing process by redirecting & realigning its energy. Acupuncture works by altering the electromagnetic energy levels of various organs by inserting needles at certain points on the body. The scientific basis of electromagnetic energy of body cannot be contested as MRI plots this very energy of the body. This effect is obtained by inserting fine needles through skin at certain points on body. It is very cost effective & efficacious treatment for many acute & chronic ailments. This treatment has no side effects provided the treatment is taken from a qualified & experienced practitioner. Acupuncture treatment is no magic. It has a solid scientific basis and the treatment requires consistent sessions & patience, because the more chronic the condition the more time it takes for the cure. Generally 10-15 sessions are sufficient for good response in most of the conditions but in some conditions the treatment may last for months. Generally people experience acupuncture differently but most feel no or minimal pain when needles are inserted. Some people feel energized by the treatment while others may feel quite relaxed. WHAT ACUPUNCTURE CAN CURE Besides day to day ailments like common cold & cough, fever & headaches acupuncture also provides cure for chronic ailments, some of which are listed below (the list only depicts few commonly treated problems out of the wide variety of syndromes taken care of by acupuncture): ALLERGIES Sinusitis Bronchial asthma SKIN Psoriasis Eczema Urticaria WOMEN’S HEALTH Painful periods Delayed periods Abrupt or gradual stoppage of periods Leucorrhea (vaginal discharges) PAINFUL CONDITIONS Cervical spondylosis Arthritis Migraine Frozen shoulder Sciatica Carpal tunnel syndrome Trigger thumb Tennis elbow PRIMARY & SECONDARY INFERTILITY ALL SORTS OF ADDICTIONS Alcohol Smoking Drugs
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