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MANAGING PSORIASIS WITH AYURVEDA & ACUPUNCTURE Divine Acupuncture For Psoriasis is highly effective comprehensive treatment employing Ayurveda & Acupuncture treatments together to manage highly cumbersome disease with the name Psoriasis. Psoriasis a skin-disease marked by shedding of silver-scaly skin patches is highly distressing disease in which a patient may encounter social trauma which can lead to depression & frustration. This is a chronic problem with periods of mild & severe attacks between periods of near complete remission. Scaling generally occurs on scalp, elbows, knees lower back and legs. To avoid attacks of psoriasis one should avoid precipitating factors like stress, smoking, alcohol consumption, being obese etc. Certain medications can also promote psoriasis. Though Ayurveda & Acupuncture both are individually capable of managing psoriasis but the effect rises many fold when they are used in combination. Both these treatments have profound effect on immune system of the patient and are thus highly effective in auto-immune diseases. The attached pics in Photo Gallery show the results of one patch in a patient who was suffering from psoriasis for last 35 years and was treated for same in our centre. For any queries visit our website
  • 2017-05-22T17:44:29

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