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FAQ’s On ACUPUNCTURE Part 2 3. Is there any side effect of Acupuncture? No, there is no side effect of Acupuncture. On the contrary, in our experience we have found that Acupuncture has many added effects. Most of our patients give us the feedback after 4-5 sittings that they have experienced disappearance of many such symptoms that were not the ones they were getting treatment for. So instead of side effects, there are additional effects. 4. Is this treatment painful? Though the word & sight of needles in itself are fearsome, but we can assure that this treatment is not at all painful as it sounds. Most of the patients don’t even come to know when the needle have been inserted. But yes, every person experiences a different kind of sensation after insertion of needle which may vary from heaviness, warmth, pressure or passing off a sort of vibration at that point. This is an unfamiliar feeling but is very soothing & relaxing.
  • 2017-05-06T17:57:17

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