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FAQ’s On ACUPUNCTURE Part 3 5. How effective is Acupuncture treatment? The need to evaluate the effectiveness of Acupuncture treatment especially in areas where the modern system of medicine was the mainstay of health concerns lead to a symposium by WHO in Cervia in Italy in the year 1996 on controlled clinical trial reports on Acupuncture. Based on these trial reports, a paper was published giving percentage effectiveness of acupuncture on various diseases. We often quote these percentages in our articles on various diseases. However the effectiveness of acupuncture depends on various factors like chronicity & severity of illness, emotional condition of the patient, lifestyle of the patient to name few. Many a time the question also arises about quickness of results in ACUPUNCTURE treatment. The time taken for response to ACUPUNCTURE treatment also depends on many factors like patient’s constitutional condition, age of the patient, past & present medications that patient is undergoing, length of the time since patient is suffering from certain symptoms. 6. Does Acupuncture provide permanent cure of the diseases? In the terminology of medicine it is very difficult to claim permanent cure for diseases because most of the diseases these days are lifestyle diseases. The life style these days is so compromised that diseases do reoccur after getting adequately relieved. So we in DIVINE AYURVEDA & ACUPUNCTURE CENTRE claim only for good management of diseases without giving any false hopes of permanent cures to patients of diseases like DIABETES, HYPERTENSION etc. Yes, ACUPUNCTURE provides good control over the symptoms, but patient has to take treatment at regular intervals, though the duration between two treatments keeps on increasing with time.
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